Art is in many forms….

Johanne Priscilla Marie True

The “World of Art” is way of expressing who we are or would like to be….a true statement….of identity and personality!

Unlock your heart, to release the beauty of your soul!


Now is the acceptable time to impact the world, all of us or most of us have walls and barriers up that are so thick, due to being hurt or betrayed, but today we can take our walls down and ignite with just a small spark and this can lead to igniting the whole world, I might not be able to take a giant step but one step at a time I can make a difference against all the hatred and hypocrisy and against all the pain, United we stand, divided we fall, the world we live in today needs to see change, we cannot change the world, but we change ourselves and be a example to others, by igniting our spark in our lives, against all things that are wrong maybe we can see the world change, I am tired and what to see change in my life and I am going to have it, join me in the fight against all things that are wrong, let us let down our guards so we can make a difference.  

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