The Poem of Life, Not Death

The ocean cries out to me and the waves
Invite me to come. I await you!
I have taken pleasure time after time
Soothing my soul over and over again, and
Cried and ocean of tears with my sorrows.
Finally, the ocean and I are one body & soul.
It rocks me back and forth, and soothes me,
For I have longed to be comforted

Don’t cry for me. Send me rose petals and a
Bottled message to share your thoughts.
Let your soul be comforted by the sounds.
Enjoy the waves that greet and welcome you.
No matter where you travel I am not far away.
Come visit me. Talk to me, I will listen
And if your soul is quiet you will
Hear me answer. I will comfort you,
And maybe someday you will join me.

Copyright ©2009 Johanne

Black Orchid in Blood

I am so wide-awake, inside somebody else’s dream
You’ve drifted so far away from my heart it would seem
Beautiful orchid, said love would never die
Could burn in a rage, heart stopped deep inside
I am so sure; everything’s lost in losing you

I wish you were here, seeing the tears I cry
We are oceans apart, love was so real from the start
I am dying inside, I lost everything, and I can’t feel
Only pain, darkness bleeds inside

There is no mistake, you are drifted in others arms
But love was so real; I thought we could never part
Black orchid bleeds, thought love could never die
Was lost in hope, heart eternally cries

There is no mistake, I have lost everything
I lost you, now I eternally die inside


Once we walked among the clouds
We felt the warmth, a satin shroud
We shared our souls, our mates we found
We bared our needs, we heard each sound

Once we gently passed our passion
An angels mist breathed a perfect fashion
We wandered the seas, we floated the breeze,
We spoke our silence, yet heard our decrees

Once we dreamed, we planned, we hoped
With endangered hearts we passionately eloped
My soul wrapped yours in warmth of silk
A guardian heart, a mother’s milk…

Once the breeze enchanted our lives
As floating doves with effortless strides
We mended as embellished pearls,
So gently stroked, warm water curls…

Once we were, love innocent, real, and pure
Unending, we thought we would endure..



girl in field


Eight steps down,
And two steps right
Rests a haunting frown,
Such a hideous sight.

Damnation and judgement
Self-righteous pair . . .
If opinions were reversed
Would you ache in despair?

Or do you realize
The pain you inflict
On innocent helpless eyes
Whose sentence you depict?

Oh poor misguided souls!
How empty you must be . . .
To judge a baby boy
Who loved you desperately.

Darjl Edjouard Luj

Rose & Pearls

Rose and Pearls

I wonder what this moment means?
I wonder, do my actions matter?
I see the hope and empty vivid dreams
I wonder, do you care as little as it seems?

If only it could have been what it could become
had we learned wisely to carefully choose
If the thought and passion that I open my soul, causes a single moment’s chatter
We are where we choose, nothing to gain, everything to lose…..

If you could feel, could care, would the air feel alive?
would you hope in fragments, or lose in thoughts of needless loss
You pray that perhaps you have touched your heart
A matte blackened rose with a pearl water droplet
You are empty, matte, emotionless, dripping slowly apart.

I’ll be your path to remembrances past
I’ll dream your fear, and empty flattened paths
The presence I am to this haunting water mist
Is a stillbirth in timelessness, loved and kissed…….

Darjl Edjouard Luj