My Poems

The Vision

The moment is all that we have

there are those search a life time for this particular moment

it is like you are blind

don’t you see my hunger

why don’t you reach out a satisfy this craving

yet you ponder in darkness

lost in your despair

please hear the cry

and hold on to the vision

this is not a mirage

it is really real

if only you have faith to believe

The Poem of Life, Not Death

The ocean cries out to me and the waves

Invite me to come. I await you!

I have taken pleasure time after time

Soothing my soul over and over again, and

Cried and ocean of tears with my sorrows.

Finally, the ocean and I are one body & soul.

It rocks me back and forth, and soothes me,

For I have longed to be comforted

Don’t cry for me. Send me rose petals and a

Bottled message to share your thoughts.

Let your soul be comforted by the sounds.

Enjoy the waves that greet and welcome you.

No matter where you travel I am not far away.

Come visit me. Talk to me, I will listen

And if your soul is quiet you will

Hear me answer. I will comfort you,

And maybe someday you will join me.

Copyright ©2009 Johanne

Our Covenant

Chains that wrap around my heart is loosen

only by a word kept

with a love that is not soon shaken

my beloved walk this journey

as we adventure into the future

don’t look back

but walk by my side

entrusting you with my heart

be gentle

for I have not journey this path before

and my heart longs for a love

that is everlasting

a love that this natural world

does not understand

and my soul ache for this very moment

for I have accepted you

without any restraint

I see what you will become

in the light of the dawn of a new day

this very day we are embarking

into the horizon of the unknown

lets walk hand and hand into eternity

into the Savior’s hand

covenant forever sealed

not be forfeited or broken

Austrian Prince

To the Austrian Prince, Zorro & The Mask Man

Unexpectedly, a stranger appears,

Tattered and beaten from a war well fought.

Even, his soul is tormented.

She that waits looks & wonders who is this stranger!

This prince seeks for truth and to make injustice


He sees her and talks to her as a common man.

His aroma captures her and she is drawn in, forever to

be his captive.

She has live in fantasy and partial truths.

He exposes her strengths, weaknesses and her


He unlocks her soul to things she has never seen.

Finally, someone see her-the real her.

They share a love that time has no barrier.

Not even death can separate.

Their love grows beyond her greatest fantasy, her

heart never to long for another.

She is whole.

Then the prince fears and tries to hide himself from

his lover.

He fears to lose their love.

Nevertheless, why fear, when your love longs for no

one else.

It consumes him!

He locks her in his castle.

She waits for what use to be.

The prince that she loves is changing before her eyes.

He need not fear-she wants to hold him and make him

fear no more.

He pushes her away.

Black wax

Possible shot in the night

Unlock doors


Fear grips her, and she runs!

This prince still is fighting for truth and injustice.

However, is princess is not by is side.

Her tender heart is still afraid and still loves her


However, fear has gripped her soul.

The castle is not the same, The Prince & Princess,

each in their own country.

Never to forgot

The love they shared.

Moreover, in the present time, a soft kiss is sent

into the each other’s horizon.

The Knight

Wished upon a star

that you, I would meet

without any knowledge of my destiny

life unfolds

for this very moment

my heart is exposed

taken in by your essence

and I am totally swept off my feet

I long for our rich and bountiful


to see your smiling face

to touch and reach into your soul

come into my chamber of delight

feel my presence

and sense the depth of being

alive and well.

Take me into a journey

in your quiet prayer time…

in this mist of the dark…

I long to connect

with the substance of you

let me dance in your melody

and sway with your tune…

I surrender my key of my heart

walk in

be not afraid

for our hearts are the same

Let this day be when our names are written in the stars

for our story must goes on

Greatness achieve

“The Calling”, becomes reality!

Pieces of dreams….

Spirit Warrior

Mastery of the art of fighting

Weapons, no need

The battles fought, are not seen

Within the darkness of this mind

This battle rages

Lingering thoughts

Beyond your control

Feeling desperate, will it ever stop

Will I ever find the inner peace

That my soul longs for

Embarking a new adventure

Unknown territory

Unconditional love required

Living…strings of moments

Celebrating every breath

Restored thy energy with the

Energy that comes from within

Expel your energy into the universe

Reaching the ultimate–death blow

Thy enemies defeated

Only to feel with all thy senses

Alive….truly alive

Seeing life like it is the first time


Johanne True May 8, 2008

The Black Rose

To the lost Knight

The faded rose of time past

No glimmer of light

Only a shade of night

No essence of life

Like a shadow in the night

A symbol of death

A rare beauty to be cherished and not feared

A glimpse into the future

A final resting place

Beckons a call

Don’t struggle and fight

And you will see the beauty in the horizon

Look into thy own destiny

And wonder no more

Smell the scent of no more despair

Pace thyself

Into the dark of the night

And see the glimmer of the light

At the end of the journey

To be finally in the light-complete absolution

Copyright ©2009 Johanne


Dedicated to my dearest Adha

Beyond belief this orchid abides

In the light of nature and humanity

Standing alone in wonder and amazement

Simple but complex beauty

It is not necessary to compete

with other beauties

For its sophistication and classic style

stands complete


Standing proud in lady like fashion

As the models that stride down the cat walk

A moment in glory

With all eyes upon their presence

Here today in total spirit

and then vanished from one sight.


Night Horizon

To the mask man

In the glitter of night, I watch for the stars of

hope, the shooting star, so that I can make a

wish: a wish that all my dreams would come

true. Sometimes, even when I make a wish, I

doubt that they will come true. In the nightly

horizons as I sit and watch and count the stars

I dream of a faraway land. A land filled with

love, peace and joy, where honesty and true

love exists. Where the man you love wants no

ones else and his faithful heart wanders not.

Where evil does not exist and men can rest

in peace, where children do not fear the

night. I want to live in a land where purity

prevails. I want to live that my heart is pure

and sin does

not exist, where we dare to be ourselves, no

judgement, no anger, no foul language, only

purity. The world says it is not possible, but

I challenge the world–your ways do not work.


For those who don’t stand in the lime light

Dancing, in the day, is this shadow.

Almost having its own identity

assuming every moved as if it’s in control

taking shape with every move

and its gestures are so vague.

Its personality seems to show through

every once in a while, nearly forgetting oneself.

Sometimes, it shows itself as friendly and

inviting, other times it fierce and

unapproachable, daring its opponent to be

scarce. Sometimes, it seems that it is one-with the

universe not even peeking through as hiding

maybe, even shy. It has made many wondered;

is it light, darkness, perhaps, even terror,

or even-from the great beyond.

No one is ever alone, as your faithful shadow

seems to appear out of nowhere

letting you know it’s not ever far away

appearing possibly, around the next corner!

Copyright ©2008  Johanne

Dead Man Walking




All eyes gaze upon,

What once was,

A statue of beauty,

All, except her beloved

His, are far removed.

People everywhere,

Admire the statue,

Smiling with approval,

For all it stands for,

Even though,

The lover’s smile belongs to others,

His Ear,

Attentive to voices that echo,

Adheres to statues in far away lands,

But he wittingly forgets to tend,

The one, who stands tall,

And awaits him in his garden

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