Once we walked among the clouds
We felt the warmth, a satin shroud
We shared our souls, our mates we found
We bared our needs, we heard each sound

Once we gently passed our passion
An angels mist breathed a perfect fashion
We wandered the seas, we floated the breeze,
We spoke our silence, yet heard our decrees

Once we dreamed, we planned, we hoped
With endangered hearts we passionately eloped
My soul wrapped yours in warmth of silk
A guardian heart, a mother’s milk…

Once the breeze enchanted our lives
As floating doves with effortless strides
We mended as embellished pearls,
So gently stroked, warm water curls…

Once we were, love innocent, real, and pure
Unending, we thought we would endure..


Published by utopianangel

Faith into action

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